59 Colorful And Flashy Makeup ideas Applied To Brown Eyes

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We continue to have a colorful eye makeup idea on the intense request from you. This makeup type that attracts all the gaze is increasing its popularity every day. You can add a lot to your beauty as you apply a harmonious color makeup to your outfit and face shape. We offer you a few of the works of Riquelle Medrano, who have successfully applied this makeup type, which is more commonly known as rainbow makeup. We will give more space to other works of young makeup artist in the coming days. If you want to see all of the artist’s work, Instagram will simply search for @makeupbyriquelle username. You will find that you have carefully examined the work of Riquelle Medrano, especially the eye pencil. We can easily say that the Neon color preferences are also very successful. It is also very impressive to make a glowing touch to the colors it uses. The idea of the shiny stone he applied to his eyebrows is also worth seeing. We’re a strict followup of her colorful makeup. Let’s see what makeup you like with the young makeup artist. You can support us by sharing your favorite color makeup work on social networks.

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