Marginal Eye Makeup Ideas For Beginners


It is possible to admire your lover, spouse, and friends with the right eye makeup ideas for impressive looks. Women can use body language especially their expressions and gaze very well. We can add beauty to our beauty with stunning and expressive looks. Both the power of our eyes and our effective eye makeup do this.

Discover the shades that suit you and your skin tone first. Are brown tones, grays, greens, or shades of blue suit you? Cool colors are blue-based colors, like blue, pink, or purple. Warm colors are yellow-based, like green, yellow, orange. Headlight plays an important role in eye makeup because it adds a statement to you. Get out of the shadows and dark shades, following the trend of the year.

Spread light shades or a single color on the eyelid with your fingers. Spread the endpoint well without finishing with a sharp tip. So you will add depth to the eyes. Switch to the eye pencil. Again, apply it lightly and mix it gently with your fingers and distribute it lightly. You will look natural and impressive. Never overflow the outer part of the eye. Carefully apply the mascara under the eyes and draw zig-zags towards the eye.

Make sure the mascara is brown, navy, or black. You can use it if there is an under-eye mattifying product. Prefer cream products because they accumulate and prevent bad appearance. Close up the weary look before applying it with a cream powder or under-eye product. If you start to make up later, you will get a healthier appearance.

Our trick while driving the headlight is to spread the lighter shade over the entire eyelid first. The last in each process, to distribute with fingers. Apply one shade of darker color (shades that match the trend of the season: pink, peach, gray, beige) only on the lash bottoms. Let the eyebrows stay in a light tone, add shine and meaning. You can also use eyeliner, starting from the eyelash bottoms, gently rub your eyeliner from the outside inside.

Strengthen the depth of the eyes with the latest mascara. Shape your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil and don’t forget the thick eyebrow fashion. It would be more accurate to use a shade of light-colored eyebrow pencil from your eyebrow color. Ladies, it’s easy to impress the other person with your eyes!

Start applying these suggestions right away and share the results with me here. Every woman is beautiful and deserves to be well-groomed!
Products used:
Brows: ”moistproof brow gel”.
Eyeshadows: @jeffreestarcosmetics ”jawbreaker” and @bhcosmetics”120 color palette”.
Eyelashes: @ardellbeauty ”853 3D lashes”.
-Brown ointment @sephoracollection n3 dark brown
-base plouise @plouise_makeup_academy 01
-Palette Norvina vol 1 @anastasiabeverlyhills
-Base 00 mix with ic winter rose base, hint of mint, vivid violet, touch of frost. @plouise_makeup_academy
-Glitter glue @anastasiabeverlyhills
-Glitter @anastasiabeverlyhills
-Tatoo liner @kvdveganbeauty
-Mascare size up @sephoracollection
– False eyelashes @amazon
– Duo false eyelash glue @nyxcosmetics_france


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