50 Incredible Changes in Women Before and After Makeup

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We continue where we left off to our picture gallery showing how women are more beautiful with a good makeup and haircut. On this page you will see only female models that are changed with makeup. Let’s see which change will surprise you or gain your appreciation?

It’s a great change of a young girl with hazel eyes. The contour method makes the nose look smaller and more elegant. Lipstick, which is applied by determining the lip circumference, reveals the true beauty of the lip. The so-called “S” shape of the eyebrow is very suitable for the lady’s face. We also found the color selection and the way the dark eyeshadow was applied great.

This time the female model used a different hair style and a different makeup method. The eyebrows are shaped like the Soft Arch. The color was chosen lighter than the other makeup. Lipstick selection was preferred as bright purple instead of neutral color. Long eyelashes and the shape of the “wide eyes” eyeliner shape is also very compatible. The transformation of her hair style into a braided hair made the young woman look very different.

The change after the makeup on this female model is amazing. Although the lips are normal size, a successful work has given them a fuller appearance. Thin and sparse eyebrows were thickened and shaped into soft arch. A simple eyeshadow is preferred in accordance with contours highlighting processes. Long and sparse false eyelashes are styled with simple eyeliner to makeup.

There have been a few things that caught our attention in this post makeup change. The first was that the eyes were made to look smaller than usual. The second is to give the lips a pink and simple look instead of a fuller look. The third is that the eyeshadow is made very simply. Maybe the lady with the makeup wanted this kind of makeup! Let’s get to the other details. Long and sparse false lashes are complete with simple eyeliner. Contour and highlighter work is extremely successful. This makeup, which has a natural look and without exaggeration, gives the young lady a positive atmosphere. Congratulations.

A great change makeup for women who have spots on their face and are uncomfortable with this issue. With the effective use of foundation, blusher, contour and highlighter methods, stains on the young lady’s face have been removed. With glossy neutral lipstick, small lips are given a fuller appearance. The blue eyes were further highlighted by the shape of an eyeliner called arabic. And with a simple eye shadow, our blonde lady’s makeup is terminated.

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